XMF10K Class-D Mono Amplifier

Features :

  • Built like a freight train with a tremendous wrath of sonic control.
  • Bridgeable configurations with Master/Slave operation.
  • Variable phase shift controls, fully variable bass boost, variable boost frequency, variable low pass and subsonic filters.
  • XMF Competition Series SPL Amplifiers come standard with buss bar direct power and speaker PCB mounting for maximum power transfer.
  • Side panel secured terminals prevent flex, twist or breakage.
  • XMF Competition Series SPL Amplifiers feature a rock solid extruded aluminum chassis encasing it’s Class D “Direct Device Mount” PCB.
  • Tight tolerance components, heavy duty capacitors, overbuilt power supplies and ultra duty MOSfets deliver outstanding performance and rugged durability.
  • Maximized input signal is achieved via side panel secured direct mount RCA connectors.
  • Nylon gap spacers avoid RCA to chassis contact eliminating any potential signal degradation.
  • ISOTEK protects against thermal overload, low voltage and short circuits.

Specifications :

  • RMS Power (14,4V) 0,5% THD : 5000W @ 1Ω
  • RMS Power (18V) 0,5% THD : 7500W @ 1Ω
  • Two Amps linked RMS Power (14,4V) 0,5% THD : 10000W @ 2Ω
  • Two Amps linked RMS Power (18V) 0,5% THD : 15000W @ 2Ω
  • Low Pass filter : Adjustable 30 - 300Hz
  • Subsonic filter : Adjustable 10 - 60Hz
  • Bass Boost : Adjustable 0 - +12dB
  • Phase Shift : adjustable 0 - 1800