XMF10K Class-D Mono Amplifier

XMF Competition Series SPL Amplifiers, Brutal Assassins of Audio Armageddon!
Maniacal power-plants of full throttle fury generating an epic onslaught of badass mojo destroying the boundaries of audio anarchy. Do you Dare to be Different?
XMF Series Competition SPL Amplifiers are the result of our undying pride, passion and relentless pursuit of perfection to create a genuine high powered, high performance amplifier worthy of going above and beyond the call of duty for the most diehard audio enthusiasts and competitors. XMF Series Competition SPL Amplifiers, Born To Be Legends. Become One!

XMF Competition Series SPL Amplifiers are NOT amplifiers for the average consumer. The XMF Competition Series SPL Amplifiers require upgraded alternators, additional batteries along with substantial external fusing at the battery. XFIRE AUDIO strongly recommends only installing these amplifiers by a reputable, authorized dealer well versed in high power applications. Failing to follow these precautions can cause serious damage to the product as well as the consumers vehicle.


  • Built like a freight train with a tremendous wrath of sonic control.
  • Bridgeable configurations with Master/Slave operation.
  • Variable phase shift controls, fully variable bass boost, variable boost frequency, variable low pass and subsonic filters.
  • XMF Competition Series SPL Amplifiers come standard with buss bar direct power and speaker PCB mounting for maximum power transfer.
  • Side panel secured terminals prevent flex, twist or breakage.
  • XMF Competition Series SPL Amplifiers feature a rock solid extruded aluminum chassis encasing it’s Class D “Direct Device Mount” PCB.
  • Tight tolerance components, heavy duty capacitors, overbuilt power supplies and ultra duty MOSfets deliver outstanding performance and rugged durability.
  • Maximized input signal is achieved via side panel secured direct mount RCA connectors.
  • Nylon gap spacers avoid RCA to chassis contact eliminating any potential signal degradation.
  • ISOTEK protects against thermal overload, low voltage and short circuits.


  • RMS Power (14,4V) 0,5% THD : 5000W @ 1Ω
  • RMS Power (18V) 0,5% THD : 7500W @ 1Ω
  • Two Amps linked RMS Power (14,4V) 0,5% THD : 10000W @ 2Ω
  • Two Amps linked RMS Power (18V) 0,5% THD : 15000W @ 2Ω
  • Low Pass filter : Adjustable 30 - 300Hz 
  • Subsonic filter : Adjustable 10 - 60Hz
  • Bass Boost : Adjustable 0 - +12dB
  • Phase Shift : adjustable 0 - 1800